Good morning poems are a beautiful way to make the special lady in your life feel cared for. Waking up to a romantic poem will ease her from dreamland into her busy day, with a head full of you!

Choosing a good morning poem that closely matches what you’re feeling is a sure way to soften the heart of your lady-love. If you don’t have the skills to write original good morning poems for your treasured friend, never fear. Here at, we’ve got your back.

We’ve gathered a collection of some of the best good morning poems to woo your loved one with words as she opens her eyes each morning.

I’m Jealous – Good Morning Poems

One of the most heartfelt & beautiful good morning poems for her

I’m jealous of the moonbeams

Who watch over you while you sleep

Lighting your dreams with hope

I’m jealous of your pillow

That feels the caress of your silky soft hair

And breathes in every sigh

I’m jealous of your blanket

That holds you every night, all night

Trading warmth for intimacy

I’m jealous of the sunrays

That sneak through your curtains

To caress your sleepy cheek

And wake you

To a new day full of promise.

Oh yes, I’m jealous!

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Morning Things I Love

Good morning love poems for her

Hot tea, sipped in the quiet with birds for company

The way dark sky surrenders to warm sunlight

Gentle mist demurely settling in hollows

And you.

Slow coming to life of streets

The sweeping of leaves and shop lights waking

Soft breeze to make things new

And you.

Runners feet pounding pavements

Dogs on leashes, sniffing and wagging

Sunlight setting windows ablaze

And you.

Clinking breakfast plates

Quiet conversations that fill the air with a low buzz

Muted lights casting dim pools

And you.

Wake up stretches and yawns

Mumbled ‘mornings’ rolling over and drifting off

Sleepy smiles and holding hands

All you.

Morning Thoughts

For those looking for Romantic Poetry

What will it take to make me …

Your first thought in the morning

Right there, center stage

Holding your attention

Your affection

Your heart?

What will it take to make me …

The one you turn to as you first open your eyes

Right there, next to you

Holding your hand

Your love

Your life!

What will it take to make me …

Your best friend chosen above all others

Right there, through beauty and pain

Holding you together

Your courage

Your hope.

What will it take to make you …

See how much I adore you

Right here, always yours

Holding out my heart

Yours for the taking

Yours to own

Yours for always.

What will it take, my love?

Good morning poems as an alternative to caffeine

Good morning poems is an alternative to caffeine

Meet Me In Your Dreams

One of the dreamiest good morning poems for her

Meet me in your dreams

In the middle of dark nights

Where nothing short of waking can save us

A crazy wild ride through the beauty of your mind

Picking out a careful path between the muddle of emotions

Tip-toeing through minefields laced with uncertainty

Sorting through the dumps of discarded dreams

Resting at last in a field of deep slumber

Where morning light reaches down

To break the grip of dark dreams

And leave only the waking reality

Of us, you and me.

And life becomes our waking-dream filled with

Your beautiful thoughts, emotions and certainty

Of stepping into dreams together,

Not sleeping dreams,

but waking dreams of love.

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Mornings, Me & You

A good morning love poem for her

So I thought of you this morning.

I thought of how perfectly your hand fits in mine

And how your eyes sparkle when you see me.

I thought of how good it feels to have your arms around me.

How right, how perfect.

I thought of how I love to argue with you

Only because your cheeks go red and your hands make fists that you never intend to use.

I thought of how we can talk through the night about

Big things, dreams, hopes, and plans

And little things like how small a baby’s thumb might be.

I thought of how you say ‘I’m sorry’ when life smacks me down

How that puts my world the right way up again.

I thought of your words that fill my ears

Slip down to my heart

And make me brave.

I thought of how there are billions of people on this planet

Yet the only one I want forever

Is you.

It was a beautiful morning.

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My Morning Mind

One of the sweetest good morning poems for a beautiful princess

My morning mind is busy,

A rushing thing, darting like a startled goldfish,

Deadlines, deals, and to-do’s.

But then I think of you.

And it all goes quiet.

I think of the way you stir in sugar clockwise, three times, tap twice.

Deliberate, inconsequential, yet utterly charming.

How can it be that you stirring tea makes me melt faster than the sugar?

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I Never Saw The Sunrise

Sleep was never my friend,

An elusive minx who would taunt me with empty promises

Leave me rolling this way, and that

Punching pillows, stuffing them, flattening them

Blocking ears against the infernal tick-ticking of seconds as they stamp past on unquiet feet.

Tired eyes slip closed as the sun wakes up.

I never saw the sunrise.

Then you arrived on whisper-soft feet of friendship.

Sleep no longer mattered as dark hours filled themselves

With conversations deep, yet light

Punctuated by belly-laughs and tears.

Hollow aching tiptoed away, slipped off unnoticed and took friendship with it.

Leaving space for only love.

Love brought along peace like a weighted blanket of contentment

Deep contentment, like warmth, slipping through my veins

And sneaking over my eyelids

Sleep became my friend, gentle nothing.

Then the warmth of arms, warmth of light.

Filtering through my eyelids.

Your love brought me sleep

Your love brought me the sunrise.

Good Morning Poems to Make Your Love Swoon

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