Are you new to the magnificent world of poetry and have fallen in love already? Poetry is a written art found in the oldest scriptures that has been know to transform the human mind and soul. Then there is modern poetry which is changing the way how we look at poems. No matter what, there will always be classics that will never be forgotten. Here are the six love poems that you should give a read.

Bright Star” by John Keats

This overwhelming sonnet by John Keats is a piece which talks about stars, love, and journey. It is a beautiful piece that tries to explain the journey of lovers from searching to finding to living with their love till death.

Bright Star, by John Keats

Let Me Not To The Marriage Of True Minds…” by William Shakespeare

A list of poems cannot be complete without the works of Shakespeare, and this poem is a is the reason why. It is not about the individual thought but the universal definition of love. In this poem, he talks about how we can always find the North Star even when we know nothing about it. When you read the poem, you will find out that he is talking about more profound layers of love. It is a work of a genius that no one should miss.

To His Coy Mistress” by Andrew Marvell

This poem is not about love at all, but it is still a must-read because of the physical attraction that it talks about. The lover in the poem talks about sexuality and how it ends with inevitable death. It is a combination of seduction and death, making it a special piece for young lovers and readers.

Annabell Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe

This is a work of one of the most talented writers, Edgar Allan Poe, also known as Poe. His artistic manipulation of language sounds makes this poem his best one after “The Raven”. The poem talks about the death of a beautiful girl who had a lover. She gets separated from her lover by his kingsman when he finds out that she is meeting someone.

Annabell Lee, by Edgar Allan Poe

A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns

This is one of the best poems written by Burns, in which he talks about feelings. It is a classic metaphorical journey where he compares love with different elements of nature and the universe. It is not a story but a cry from a young man to find the true meaning of love.

Love’s Philosophy” by Percy Bysshe Shelley

It is a simple poem written by Shelly, which has nothing to do with philosophy. It is an argument between a swain and a maid who debate how water, wind, mountains, flowers, and moonbeams are connected to each of its kind. It is a sweet and straightforward poem in which a swain speaks to a maid and asks her what is wrong with a kiss if it is divine.