A beautiful good night poem sent to your girlfriend, fiancee, or wife at the end of a long, tiring day can mark her long-awaited entry into the real of sweet dreams and good thoughts about you and your romantic relationship. Alas, good night poems that are worth reading are hard to find as the Internet drowns in mediocre poetry written by people with the most feeble understanding of what it is that the human soul desires. And yet, our editorial team at RomanticPoems.com were able to find some noteworthy good night poems by a modern poet who touching metaphors and delicate language can reach into the most tender corners of your beloved woman and make her fall asleep with a happy realization of how lucky she is to have you in her life.

“Watching Over You” – The best English good-night poem ever by Greg Lake & Peter Sinfield

Goodnight Poem for Her – “Embrace Of Night”

My darling, my dear, my truest love,
I lament that the day must end.
For more joyous time with you,
I wish to spend.

Fret not as the blankets cover you,
or when your eyes drift to a close.
Your night is only going to get better and better,
as you lay there, dreaming of us here together.

The moon will keep its watchful gaze on you,
and the starlight will proceed to glimmer.
I hope you feel the love I have for you,
its warmth continuing to linger.

The bump in the night,
the obscurity of the dark,
both things you should never fear,
for I will make sure that the embrace of night will disappear.

Romantic Goodnight Poems – “While You Sleep”

Your adorable snores fill the air,
I hope your dreams are soft and pleasant
Don’t mind me, continue to rest,
for the night was dark and deep.
There are many things I need to do,
all while you sleep.

I hope you don’t notice me gone,
I’m just in the kitchen, slaving over the stove,
making your favorite meal.
I hope the sweet aroma awakes you,
but don’t wake just yet.
The tea still needs to steep,
and I have many things I need to do,
all while you sleep.

I have to run to the store,
and shop for your gift.
You deserve to be spoiled,
you’ve been doing so well these past few weeks.
I hope this present I have for you,
will give your spirits a lift.

I’m back home now.
Don’t worry, I won’t make a peep,
but I’m so excited for you to see
all that awaits you, while you sleep.


A woman returns home after a long day,
tired, haggard, but still smiling,
knowing the good she has done today.

She has done all she needed to do,
her work exceptional, top-notch.
A lot of good she has done,
for herself and the others in her life.

Finally, the night has come,
now you’d think she’d finally rest.
She, however, takes more time out of her day,
for those who need it.
Checking on her friends,
making sure they’re okay,
ready and willing to listen
to anything they have to say.

A truly selfless woman she is,
giving so much to others.
It is finally time for her to think of herself,
so rest well, and goodnight

Beautiful good night poems will make your beloved lady fall asleep happily

“Sleep Well, My Darling”

Sleep well, that’s all you have to do.
Not for me, not for anyone else,
but only for you.

The world has not been kind to anyone,
not to mothers or daughters,
nor fathers nor sons.

It has been a rather tough sequence of days,
but seeing your rise through all the pain,
all the hardship, even when you feel the weight of the Earth upon your very shoulders,
has given us all hope for a new day.

But for now, you must sleep well.
The troubles that plague you
vanish in the land of dreams.

So sleep well, for the morning bears chances anew.

“Sweet Dreams”

The pets gathering around your sleeping form,
to shield you from the chaos,
of a world so cosmically torn.

Your beauty prevails,
all through the rays of the sun,
and the shade of the moon.
Through the phases of the day,
morning, night, and noon.

My dreams are filled with the sweetest scenarios,
when I sleep right by your side.
The time I get to spend with you,
to me is a great source of everlasting pride.

I only hope that your dreams are as kind to you,
as you are to me.
And that you find much comfort in them,
even though the calming abyss of sleep.

Sweet Goodnight Poems – “Right Here”

You can now rest your eyes,
please allow me to draw close.
Betwixt the mattress and covers you lay,
a restful and peaceful night to impose.

I know you’re afraid to drift off,
the fear you hold, I understand.
You fear having nobody when you awaken,
alone and desolate in this land.

But no matter what demands my attention,
no being, no man nor beast,
could ever make me abandon you,
or cause my love to cease.

We can face what lies ahead together,
I will never leave your side.
The course, the plan, the direction in life,
I will help you decide.

So when the moon gives way to the sun,
or when the stars are shielded by clouds,
you will have nothing to fear.
For no matter what becomes of us,
I will be right here.

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