I’m Missing You poems is a genre of poetry that deals with the loving heart at the most vulnerable time: that of departure and separation. Here are some new free-verse poems about missing your boyfriend, along with the best works that have been around for a while, bringing solace and peace to the tender souls of young girls and grown-up women missing their beloved boyfriends.

“Missing you poems”

I know that it’s not your choice to leave me,
I hope you know that I’m going strong,
patiently waiting to see this all through.
Because at the end of holding on for so long,
I’ll finally get to see you.

All I can do is write missing you poems,
when you read them, I hope you’ll realize where my love stems.
You’ll know the days I spend without you is full of uncertainty and strife,
as I’m missing the most important and loving man in my entire life.

How often do you think of me,
about us, about all the fun things we’ll do together?
I’ll even get on my knees and unleash a desperate plea,
if it means you’ll linger by my side forever.

I could write a hundred more ‘I miss you poems,
in a vain attempt to make it clear,
to illustrate how much you mean to the people in your life,
and how much I hold you dear.

My complaints are unjustified,
all I must do is await your return,
yet my longing and desire for you continue to collide.
As the advances of others, I shall spurn.

For nobody in the world can succeed in your role,
after all, it was my heart that you stole.
You are my flame, the moon when I’m lost in the dark,
the missing half of my everlasting soul.

If you were ever to be taken from me
my life would begin to spiral out of control.
Being without you would most certainly be
an irrevocably fatal toll.

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“An I miss you! poem for my boyfriend”

To the love of my life
The handsome man I wish to spend the rest of my days with
I hope my incessant longing for you
is a flaw you can forgive.

I know that this physical separation between us is not permanent,
my life would be devoid of meaning if it was.
Yet I still find myself reaching across the bed,
for your warm form that I continue to pine for.

Being without you is like weathering an unending storm.
My entire being feels like it is being brutally torn.
I am left here adrift, persistently ever so forlorn.
Worry not my rock, the times we have spent together I shall never mourn.

Like how the first rays of dawn pierce the long night,
banishing the uncertainty, doubt and fright.
I know with all my heart that my man will return,
and joy will replace the shroud of insurmountable concern.

I have already compiled all our activities together into a list,
we’ll spend an entire fortnight enjoying our life together.
Or for even longer, if you insist.
Between us is an unbreakable tether.
With you, my spirits are as light as a feather.

I am getting ahead of myself, my love.
Into the future, I cannot peer.
Whatever you wish to happen, whatever you wish to do.
You shall decide, for even my entire life, I will allow you to steer.

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“Reaching for you”

Another sordid entry,
into my never-ending list of I miss you poems.
I reach for my pen, for I know not what else I can do.
When the ultimate truth is, I am reaching for you.

You, who is already my better half.
the man who guides me when I’m engulfed in wrath.
Or drowning in sorrow, or blinded by greed.
Love and patience must be your ultimate creed.

Waking up without you is a fresh agony anew,
how to alleviate this pain, I haven’t the faintest clue.
I pine for your return, I await every day
but if it means being with you again, then right here I shall stay.

I would reach through razor-sharp blades,
incinerating flames or electrocuting lightning
just to hold and feel you again.
I hope you understand these I miss you poems
are a way to express my feelings for you in writing.

Our place together, I have prepared with your taste
I hope your absence will finally conclude with great haste.
Of course, I do not mean to rush you,
attend to your duties at your own personal pace.

Distracting myself with activities I love.
has become the antidote, the temporary remedy
to the debilitating melancholy of missing you.
Your eventual return is my only solace,
for that is your unbreakable promise.



“When will you come back?”

My strong and gorgeous boyfriend, the love of my life!
you’re all I can think about as the days flow by
I could attempt to think about something else.
but at this point, I don’t even want to try.

For when your image fills my mind
a family of excited butterflies moves into my chest
I have to think about other things to give them a rest,
my patience and temperance have definitely been put to the test.

I won’t be too clingy though,
I’m still my own person after all.
A person who wishes they were with you this very moment.
but asking me not to do that is an order quite tall.

There’s a lot of fun things we can do together,
you could come to help me with my shopping
I’ll help you with your handiwork.
I love watching you work, your plans are so clever.
My chores and duties around the house, I may just have to shirk.

I’ll have you to help me now, so it won’t be so bad
in the mundane tasks we do together, there is a lot of fun to be had.
We could gorge on takeout in our favorite deli,
Our favorite shows and movies are more fun to watch with a full belly.

You make everything that happens, every passing moment so much better
Every word you speak is like a song to me, down to the letter.
I miss not only you but how you make me see the world,
the wonder, and mystique I thought I had lost,
was actually hiding within you, waiting to be unfurled.

All of these wonderful things will be waiting for you,
from a happy life together, to tedious chores and unending snacks.
All you have to do is answer my little question.
When will you come back?

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“Off you go”

I hope these missing you poems find thee well.
If you ever get to read it that is.
I have many things I wish I could tell,
yet I remind myself, “his time is entirely his”.

Still, I can’t help but wonder what you are doing.
Is there a fine piece of art you are viewing?
Is there another person you are pursuing?
Forgive me, I hope you will tolerate the missing you poems I am spewing.

Sometimes I worry myself to near-death
“What if he draws his last breath,
and I’m not by his side?”
I dote on you far too much as you can see,
because you are the absolute perfect match for me.

These I miss you poems you always receive,
I hope is not distracting you from your reprieve.
Their purpose least of all is not to deceive,
but instead to make you fully believe.

Even when I know you are strong,
beyond capable without the slightest hint of doubt.
You may need someone with you when your luck has run out.
Though I know this is not about luck, fame, or chasing clout.
Are you not tired of all the things you must tout?

You have better things to do than sit around
reading all of the I miss you poems I pen all year round.
It is not me who your goals and objectives surround.
What you are seeking, what drove you away from me,
I sincerely hope you have now found it.

Well, I hope now you fully know.
There are far more important seeds to sow.
So these I miss your poems into your pocket you should stow.
Now face the world, square your shoulders, and off you go.



“What are you doing right now (I’m missing you!)?”

What are you doing right now?
If you are reading this, you should rest,
for your work deserves a bow!
Now, words of praise upon you, allow me to endow.

You are very skilled in your chosen field,
you know exactly how to use all the tools you wield.
If anyone were to go against you in your tasks,
why, have mercy upon them, their fate is sealed!

Your work brings joy to many people,
from family to friends, and even total strangers.
You know exactly how to properly navigate
your myriad of workplace dangers.

Or perhaps right now you’re doing something more fun.
Relaxing on the grass, frolicking in the sun?
I hope where you are, there are lots of exciting things to be done.
I bet you are having a field day over there.
Apologize, the pun was not intended!

More Missing You Poetry



“All I can do without you”

Right now, all I can do
is write more and more missing you poems.
When I see that I am here without you, I have a large sigh.
I hope you believe me when I say that I keep myself busy,
I really do try. Yet I still think about how much it hurt to say goodbye.

You better be keeping healthy over there!
Drink lot’s of water, and make sure to eat right.
To tide me over, I’ll be sleeping with your hoodie tonight.
It is already comforting to me, just the mere sight.
When I wear it around me, I feel as if I’m ready for a fight.
Not even the dark can lend me it’s a dreaded fright.

That is exactly how you make me feel.
Safe, secure, and ready for it all.
Though I understand I can’t last forever
I most certainly do not have the gall.
I hope your return is not delayed or driven to fall.

We have so many plans together, things we each wanted to share
I’ll give you these missing you poems, while you get me that big stuffed bear.
Well, with the items we’re trading that hardly seems fair,
but that loveable creature would fit so nicely in my lair!
And by a loveable creature, I do not mean the bear.
For it is you who I speak of, tall, very handsome and fair.

You are always who I think of,
flying around in my mind, like the freest dove.
For you and I share the greatest love.
I hope we remain together, until our last days down here and the world above.

Even if our bodies do not last,
the fondness and the love we have for each other.
I will well and truly last forever.
Not even the strongest trial or tribulation,
will ever have it even come close to being severed.

Our time apart will soon come to a close,
and that day occupies all my thoughts,
making me forget about my worries and other woes.
When you get here, let’s cuddle lots and lots!

What are you doing now?
My amazing, wonderful, and precious boyfriend?
I await your return, to finally see your comforting form
Walk on right through our door.

You’ll find everything is as you left it.
With improvements being made here and there.
I know that when I endeavor to do things,
you are inclined to well and truly care.
Because when we are together,
we make the best pair.

I truly cannot wait to be with you again.
You can tell I am bursting at the seams with excitement.
We’ll finally have lots of time to be with each other,
and you’ll be all done with your long and dreary assignment,

I have run out of pages to write in,
and loving things to say about you.
But there are still many things I wish to say,
when you get here, let’s go over them together.
until we’ve discussed every single one through and through.

Well, that’s all for now.
Next time you hear from me,
All the things I have promised you,
you finally get to see!


Are there any missing you poems for boyfriend that you find particularly moving? Have you been missing somebody so much that it made you turn to poetry! Make sure to share these words in the comments! Your voice is unique and deserves to be heard!