Poems about sisters and their mutual love are often marked by the kind of tenderness that is hard to find in other types of poetry. Such poems are usually written by women who share their innermost feelings and sentiments in regards to their favorite siblings. Poems about sisterly relationships curiously combine the themes of love, friendship, rivalry, anger, and coming to terms with oneself (those that usually pertain to separate genres of poetry) in most natural ways, weaving a fine fabric permeated with warmth and affection that exceed even the closest relationship with a boyfirend.

We’ve assembled some of the best brand-new poems about sisters here and are inviting you to step into the inimitable world of true sisterly love!

“A Sisters Promise”

We have grown up together, given the same path,
Though we have both taken different turns along the way.
The bonds that we share, the love that we have,
Means more to me than words can ever say.
Your faith in me lifts me and your honesty keeps me grounded
You are my north, my compass, and the voice of reason
And whilst we have both had our turbulent times
Together hand in hand, we can weather any season.
Being your sister means so much more than just a word
It is a promise that I make to you every day
That through the ups and downs, the good and the bad
By your side, you can rely on me to stay


“Sometimes My Sister…”

You held me from the moment I was born and you never let me go,
You took my hand through every stumble watching me learn and grow.
Sometimes you were another mother holding on a little too tight,
Sometimes you were another father scaring away ghosts in the night.
Always you were my best friend, the person I could trust above all,
You didn’t always catch me but you have always picked me up after a fall.
Sometimes I wished I were bigger: The one to lead the way.
Sometimes I wished I were louder: The one to have the final say.
Sometimes I wished I were smarter: The one to know all you knew.
But the thing that I wished the most, was to be just like you.

“Being Your Sister”

How can we share so many things and yet be so different?
Where you are dark, I am fair. Where I am quiet, you are loud.
Where you are shy, I am confident. Where I am slow, you are fast.
Opposites in too many ways to tell.
But your light has helped me find the way when I was lost in my dark.
And my dark has helped you find some peace when your light was too stark.
Being sisters, I have learned, is not about all the things we share.
Being sisters, I have learned, is not about all the ways we can compare.
Being sisters for me is that no matter where I am
There is no one else in the world who could love and accept me more than you can.

“She is the only one you’ve got!”
(a poem about sisterly love)

“Don’t argue you with your Sister!” My mother would yell “She is the only one you’ve got!”
“Yeah that’s right” my Sister would taunt, “You are stuck with me whether you like it or not!”
“Don’t make fun of your Sister!” My Father would scold, “She is the only one you’ve got!”
“You may be my only Sister…” I would whisper “But your face is still covered in snot!”
“Don’t fall out with your Sister.” My mother would softly say.
As she pulled me tight into a hug and wiped my tears away.
“Don’t leave out your Sister.” My Father would gently advise.
“She just wants to be like her big sister and see the world through your eyes”
“Don’t worry my Sister.” I say “It doesn’t matter what we say or do”
Pulling her closer for a warm tight embrace “I will always love you.”


“A Sister: A true best friend”

A slow walk down our memory lane
Taking the photo album from the dusty shelf
My fingers brush the spine and a small smile spreads
Flicking through the crumpled pages and curled old prints
Not only does the story of our childhood unfold
But the tale of mine and your friendship
Growing up together, talking life hand in hand
Not always knowing the right way
Getting lost and stumbling down the wrong path
Moments of pain, arguments, and tears
But always knowing that we can depend on each other
That you will be on my side no matter which way the wind is blowing
Sisters are always in the good times and the bad
A confidant on whom we can always rely
A helping hand
A listening ear
A true best friend
I Love You

“Sisters are forever, in it for the long run”

Sisters share more than just blood type or D-N-A
It is hidden in our gestures, our thoughts, and what we say
Growing up together we learn from each other
Speaking a secret language, unknown to another
Quiet whispers about love first touch
Wiping away tears when the world feels too much
Laughing and joking for hours on the phone
Excited for the holidays when we both return home
Arguing over the Christmas card theme
Sending off messages, Instagram tags, talking in memes
We can communicate in essays or just with a glance
Between us, there is no first, too many, or even last chance
Taking the bumpy roads along with the smooth ones
When parents mutter “don’t you wish we had sons…”
But when you put it all together and all is said and done
Sisters are forever, in it for the long run.


“Sweet Dreams My Sister”

My hand reached for you when the dark settled
Your calming nature could always soften my trouble
And whilst my fingers were held tight in yours
I knew that nothing could burst our safe bubble
You hummed sweet lullabies as the night passed by
Chasing all of the demons and monsters away
Though your eyes were drowsy and your body tired
You would stay awake until the first light of day
That is the bond of sisters, selfless and full of love
Never a burden too heavy, never a worry we cannot share
You are my angel sent from up above
Showering me with love and care

Sweet Goodnight Poems for Her

“Sisters forever”

Counting down the days until you would arrive
Mom coming home with a tiny pink surprise
I was just so lucky my own doll that could play
You followed me around every single day
I told you fairy tales and your eyes were so wide
When you won your first badge my heart burst with pride
Watching you grow from toddler to child
From cute and sweet to untamed and wild
Then there came the awkward phase
Where teenage angst would last for days
I saw your first taste of love as it grew
Turning upside down all that you knew
Then came the times when the roles reversed
When it was my broken heart that you nursed
Now there is no bigger, wiser, or older
We walk hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder
Whatever the weather come rain or shine
Sisters forever, I am yours and you’re mine.

Poems About Sisters & Sisterly Love

“She is my big sister”

There is someone special
Who lifts me when I’m down
Fixes me when broken
Finds my smile when I frown
Friends have come and gone
But she’s is always by my side
There to catch my tears
Each and every time I cried
She never is too busy
It’s never too late to call
Helps with all my problems
If they’re big or if they’re small
I would do the same for her
Without a thought or pause
We are always there for each other
Never close our doors
At home when we were younger
She would scratch and pull my hair
But anyone else dare touch me
They would feel her cold, hard stare
Then as we grew older
She helped me pick my clothes
We shared our deepest thoughts
Have secrets no one knows
She is my big sister
In my life right from the start
No matter what I’m doing
I feel her in my heart


“The unseen strength behind me”
(a poem about sisters)

I need not ask for your support
I know it is always there
The unseen strength behind me
Someone who always cares
A power that is fantastic
But needs no magic wand
There is no love stronger
Than a sister’s bond
Two hearts beat together
As if they beat as one
No problem that can’t be solved
No battle can’t be won
You have the answer to my question
Before I need to ask
You vault straight over my walls
And see straight through my mask
There are always moments
When the words wont seem to fall
And other moments where
Like a river they wont stop at all
But you always know when to listen
Then the times you need to say
That no matter what has happened
All is going to be okay
Together we’ve faced it all
Sunny skies and roaring thunder,
Our bond is like a roof
Only sisters can seek comfort under.

“My sister, you know it’s true”
(a short poem)

Together hand in hand,
beside you is where I’ll stand
My sister, you know it’s true,
I’m on this journey with you.
Wherever the path leads,
we’ll know each other’s needs,
for sisterly love has no measure,
It is life’s most precious treasure.
Sharing laughter and tears,
bravely facing our fears,
And if you are ever feeling low,
I’ll lift you up, this you know.


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